About Suzanne

Canadian Portrait & Music Photographer - International Travel 

I love realness. Real is a philosophy that comes naturally to me and has been the foundation for not only my business but also the way I live. I have never quite understood conformity. Each of us is an individual and like innocence, authentic individualism has something unconscious about it.

This love for realness is a driving force behind the types of images I like to capture. I have a mad crush on intensity. I am enamoured by the way two lovers gaze at each other. I fall in love with the passion behind the musician. I melt inside while I watch a child lost in wonder. I am fortunate enough to spend my time with the same type of people, photographing them at their most real (and often their most vulnerable) states - on stage, in their wedding, at play, launching a new business. For this, I live in gratitiude.


Suzanne spends almost 9 months of the year on the road, in various destinations but ultimately divides a great deal of her time between Alberta & Vancouver Island, BC . Her gypsy heart and wandering spirit loves the experience of travel. The new people. The varied landscapes. The cultures. All of it inspires her. The earth is her muse.